Frequently Asked Questions

When will my dumpster arrive?

Once you make arrangements for your dumpster, we’ll schedule a time to drop it off at your location. If there is a specific time you need us to arrive, please be sure to communicate that to a member of our staff before you finalize your reservation.

How long do I have to load the dumpster?

That depends on how long you plan to have the dumpster at your location. As part of your reservation for the dumpster, we’ll schedule a pick-up time. If you find out that you need your dumpster for longer, feel free to give us a call and we can modify your reservation, but be aware that you will be responsible for any extra charges incurred by extended rental time.

How do I get a dumpster at my house?

Having a dumpster delivered is easier than you think. Junkgoesin drops off a wheeled trailer – you fill it up – we haul it off. More convenient than a standard haul-off dumpster, our trailers can go just about anywhere you can park a car, and they hold 14 cubic yards of refuse. They also won’t damage your lawn, driveway, or pavement.

Can you load the dumpster for us?

We’re sorry, but Junkgoesin only drops off and picks up the dumpsters. We aren’t able to help you load the dumpster.

What items we do not haul?

 We can take a lot of junk, but there are certain things that we are prohibited from hauling.

These items include:
•   Dirt
•   Concrete
•   Stucco
•   Brick
•   Sod
•   Paint and Oil
•   Slate Roofing
•   Hazardous Material
•   Tar and Gravel Roof Material 

How big is the dumpsters?
Our trailers can hold 14 cubic yards of refuse. That’s equal to 8 pickup beds full of stuff (a little more than 8, actually). The tall sides make it easy to pack it in, and swing-open doors at the rear let you carry or dolly in material as well.